Mar 3, 2019

The Problem With India’s ‘AI for All’ Strategy

Urvashi Aneja

The government’s slogan seeks to position India as a leader in artificial intelligence but ignores crucial societal questions that will determine its effectiveness for the majority of Indians - new article for Chatham House. ...



Dec 19, 2018

Policy Lab: AI and Healthcare /// December 2018


What are the current needs and gaps in the healthcare sector in India, and what role can AI play? What are the risks? ...

Sep 13, 2018

AI and Sustainability: Policy Lab, 4 September 2018


We hosted a policy lab to deliberate the ways in which AI based technologies could both address and exacerbate sustainability challenges. ...

Jul 31, 2018

AI For All ? Launch of our AI & Society Initiative !


We hosted a policy lab on 24 & 25 July to deliberate the key issues and challenges that India must navigate as it initiates a national strategy for AI. ...