Aug 27, 2020

COVID19 - Information Campaign for Gig Workers

Iona Eckstein & Zothan Mawii

We worked on an information campaign for gig workers, helping them access important resources and information related to the Covid-19 pandemic ...

May 22, 2020

Worker Rights, Agency and Collective Bargaining: A look at digital platforms in India, South Africa, Myanmar and Online work.

Urvashi Aneja & Zothan Mawii

In a study for USAID, we looked at the impact of various types of digital platforms on worker wellbeing and rights in the Global South. ...



May 12, 2020

Women and Wellbeing in India’s Gig Economy

Zothan Mawii

Tandem Research will be starting preparations for our IDRC funded research on Women and Wellbeing in India’s Gig Economy, taking into account the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on women working through platforms across a range of occupations, wages and skill levels ...

Apr 15, 2020

Covid-19: The Goan Fishing industry

Iona Eckstein & Chandika Gupta

We are investigating how labour is being impacted by the coronavirus crisis and lockdown in Goa. ...

Apr 14, 2020

Covid-19: and relief measures for gig workers in India

Zothan Mawii

We heard from 4 union leaders about the situation facing workers on the ground and the shortcomings of the measures platforms claim to be taking to ensure their workers' safety and protection. ...

Apr 1, 2020

Covid-19: ‘Ghost workers’ and the content moderation industry

Iona Eckstein

As the global population reacts to the spread of the coronavirus, it is obvious that people are spending more time online. ...

Apr 1, 2020

Covid-19: What about gig workers?

Iona Eckstein

This blog charts the impact of Covid-19 on this group of gig workers before and after the 21-day janata lockdown announced by the prime minister, before making recommendations about how they should be supported moving forward. ...

Jan 7, 2020

The Asia Foundation’s annual conference - Asian Approaches to Development Conference - Seoul, 28th - 30th October 2019

Zothan Mawii

I presented Tandem Research’s work on the impact of emerging technologies on labour markets in India, with a focus on women and the future of work. ...

Mar 29, 2019

PRESS: Our report on the Future of Work in Sri Lanka, released by Prime Minister Wickremesinghe, covered extensively by Sri Lankan media

Tandem Director, Vikrom Mathur, was in Sri Lanka last month for the release of our report - Future of Work in Sri Lanka: Shaping Technology Transitions for a Brighter Future ...

Jan 7, 2019

CfP 2019 4S : Socio-technological Imaginaries of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Future of Work

We're organising a panel at 4S this year on the Future of Work - submit abstracts by 1 February. ...