CfP 2019 4S : Socio-technological Imaginaries of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Future of Work

We're organising a panel at 4S this year on the Future of Work - submit abstracts by 1 February.

Call for Paper: 4S Annual Meeting, New Orleans, September 4 - 7 2019

Socio-technological Imaginaries of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Future of Work

In recent years, numerous books, articles, and conferences discuss the likely impacts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution or 4IR for the ‘Future of Work’. Most accounts locate 4IR within a linear trajectory, from the first to the fourth industrial revolution, following a logic that is technologically deterministic: i.e. in such accounts, technological advancement is both inevitable and progressive, and the role of societal institutions is primarily to adapt. These visions of future developments in technology inevitably bring with them wider visions of social futures, risks, and benefits, and need to be understood as ‘s ocio-technical imaginaries’. The imaginaries of 4IR will continue to shape future trajectories in the world of work - from the type of technological innovation to ways of technological production and governance. There is limited research that unpacks the ideologies, interests, and broader visions of social futures that 4IR encompasses. 4IR imaginaries will also be translated, re-cast, and gain meaning differently across national contexts. This panels call for papers that deconstruct the constituent features, components, ideas, and controversies of 4IR as a global imaginary, and who or what are the actors, formal and informal institutions, networks, values, and cultures shaping contemporary imaginaries around 4IR. We will examine how 4IR is likely to be re-cast across national contexts and reconfigured by local ideas and interests and socio-technical processes.

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