Jan 25, 2020

Draft | Data Usage and Privacy Policy

Listed below are the types of data/information we may collect and how we may use it.

Data Usage and Privacy Policy | Tandem Research

Tandem Research is an interdisciplinary research collective that generates policy insights at the interface of technology, society, and sustainability. Listed below are the types of data/information we may collect and how we may use it. For any additional queries please email hello@tandemresearch.org

Note: Any information we collect will not be used beyond its intended purpose.

The data/information we collect allows us to better understand and engage with our audiences. Any information/data collected by Tandem Research may only be used in the following ways:

Personally Identifiable Data:

Any information or data that can be used to identify an individual.

  • This includes data that is collected automatically when you interact with our online properties such as the website, social media channels and other virtual outlets. This information is collected via third-party tools including google analytics and platform-specific analytics (Twitter analytics, etc.) This includes IP Addresses, frequency by which you visit our site, links clicked, etc. This data may be used to understand identify trends in our audience and may be used to improve our information outlets.
  • Information that you (users/audience) have voluntarily provided us such as the information gathered when signing up for events, the newsletter, filling surveys or applying for jobs/fellowships with our organization.

Newsletter: We use Mailchimp for our newsletters. In order to receive our Newsletter, one must submit their email ID and will be then added to the list. Your email IDs will only be shared with Mailchimp. (Mailchimp Security Policy)

Job applications: When you apply for a Job at Tandem Research, we typically require a CV and writing sample/portfolio. Both of there documents will not be shared outside the organization without permission. In the event, we are offering a joint position with another organization the details will also be provided to them. Additionally, we have had job applications on LinkedIn, as per their procedure, the applicants will be providing us with their LinkedIn profile. Any additional information collected will be done through hello@tandemresearch.org and will follow the guidelines stated above.

Events: Events hosted by Tandem Research are typically done by invitation, however, we may open registration on our social media. For event details such as Name, Country, Contact details, and dietary restrictions/allergy information is collected and will only be tracked for that event.

This is the first draft of our Data Usage and Privacy Policy, as Tandem Research evolves as an organization, we will update any new processes and procedures.


Chandika Gupta

Chandika Gupta is a Research Associate and Communication Manager at Tandem Research, currently working on the Sustainable Goa Initiative and managing Tandem Research's online presence.