Session for Members of Parliament on Artificial Intelligence in India - New Delhi, June 2019

Coinciding with the monsoon session of the new parliament, we curated a workshop for members of parliament on the opportunities and risks posed by the deployment of artificial intelligence in India, at a session organized by the Center for Policy Research, and supported by the Omidyaar Network. The session was well attended, with 20-25s MPs present, who expressed deep interest in the topic and significant concern ( and some skepticism ) around AI trajectories in India.

The first presentation by Monojit Choudhury, from Microsoft Labs India, explained how AI works - the technical dimensions; the second presentation by Tandem Director Urvashi Aneja outlined the key social conundrums; and the final presentation by Puja Rao, Founder of Qure.AI outlined the potential benefits in the health sector.

Speaker presentations


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