Jan 7, 2020

The Asia Foundation’s annual conference - Asian Approaches to Development Conference - Seoul, 28th - 30th October 2019

Zothan Mawii

I presented Tandem Research’s work on the impact of emerging technologies on labour markets in India, with a focus on women and the future of work. ...

Nov 20, 2019

Policy Lab: AI and Future Cities

Zaheb Ahmad & Abishek Reddy

We are hosting a policy lab on 22 November, 2019 to identify the opportunities and challenges posed by AI, and other data-driven technologies, for cities in India. ...

Nov 1, 2019

We are hiring!

We are looking for researchers to join our Future of Work and AI & Society teams - Apply by 30 November ...



Oct 31, 2019

Policy Lab: AI & Education, Oct 2019

Abishek Reddy & Aishwarya Shridhar

How will AI change the education sector in India? This lab is the fifth in a series of six policy labs to examine AI trajectories in India. ...

Sep 1, 2019

Insights from our first Monsoon Academy - August 2019

Zaheb Ahmad

Four days of immersive learning around Climate Resilience ...

Aug 19, 2019

Our first Monsoon Academy starts today!

Zaheb Ahmad

The theme for this edition is 'Planning for Climate Resilience in Urban Areas' ...

Jul 31, 2019

Research Workshop: Future Cities 2040

Zaheb Ahmad

In partnership with the Asia Foundation, we are hosting a research workshop on 2 & 3 August, 2019 on the futures of mid-sized cities in India. ...

Jul 1, 2019

Session for Members of Parliament on Artificial Intelligence in India - New Delhi, June 2019

In June this year, we curated a workshop for MPs on the opportunities and risks of AI deployment in India. ...

Jun 20, 2019

Disrupting the Humanitarian Enterprise: On Digital Identity

Urvashi Aneja shared concerns around the use of digital technologies in humanitarian contexts, at a panel discussion on Disrupting the Humanitarian Enterprise, at the Chatham House. ...

Jun 17, 2019

AI 2050: Speculative Fiction Workshop @ Rights Con 2019

We held a speculative fiction workshop at Rights Con to imagine AI trajectories in the Global South. ...