Mar 4, 2019

EVENT: Human Face of Climate Change - From Risk to Resilience in Indian Cities.

What impact does climate variability have on people living in informal settlements in Indian cities? We release our new report on 6 March 2019, at the India Habitat Center, New Delhi ...



Jan 7, 2019

CfP 2019 4S : Socio-technological Imaginaries of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Future of Work

We're organising a panel at 4S this year on the Future of Work - submit abstracts by 1 February. ...



Dec 19, 2018

Policy Lab: AI and Healthcare /// December 2018

What are the current needs and gaps in the healthcare sector in India, and what role can AI play? What are the risks? ...

Nov 1, 2018

Worker well-being: An overlooked dimension in the digital platform economy

Aishwarya Shridhar

How do we bring to the forefront the question of worker well-being in the digital platform economy? We start field work in Delhi for Tandem's new project on worker wellbeing in India's platform economy. ...



Oct 2, 2018

Tandem @ T20 Argentina

Tandem Director Urvashi Aneja spoke at the T20 Summit in Argentina on work, women, and the gig economy in the Global South. ...

Sep 30, 2018

Policy Lab on the Future of Work in Sri Lanka: 7 September 2018, Colombo

In partnership with the ILO, we hosted a policy lab in Colombo to deliberate future technology and work trajectories in Sri Lanka ...



Sep 20, 2018

Emerging Technologies and the Future of Work: Report Release in New Delhi

Tandem Research & ILO India release new working paper on the Future of Work in India - Sep 2018, Delhi. ...



Sep 13, 2018

AI and Sustainability: Policy Lab, 4 September 2018

We hosted a policy lab to deliberate the ways in which AI based technologies could both address and exacerbate sustainability challenges. ...

Jul 31, 2018

AI For All ? Launch of our AI & Society Initiative !

We hosted a policy lab on 24 & 25 July to deliberate the key issues and challenges that India must navigate as it initiates a national strategy for AI. ...