Gig Economy Around the World | Reshaping Work

Gig Economy Around the World organized by WageIndicator Foundation, Insituut Gaak and Reshaping Work

The WageIndicator Foundation hosted a webinar on 23rd October 2020 to release the findings of their latest report - Gig Economy around the world. With partners in Spain, Argentina, The Netherlands, India, and South Africa, the Wage Foundation collected data on workers’ wages and bargaining rights

The virtual conference was an international and multidisciplinary event that brought together diverse stakeholders to share insights and brainstorm ways forward to address decent work in the digital economy.

Klaus Zimmerman opened the event with a keynote speech. The opening panel included inputs from Janine Berg, ILO, Rupa Korde, Flame University, JAn Drahokoupil, European Trade Institute, and Cesar Buenadicha, Inter-American Development Bank. V

This was followed by 5 parallel breakout rooms, each for India, Spain, South Africa, Netherlands, and Argentina. The breakout rooms had a set of speakers from each country. Zothan Mawii spoke about women in India’s platform economy and the impact of Covid19 on workers.


Zothan Mawii

Zothan Mawii is a Research Fellow at Tandem Research. Her research interests lie at the intersection of technology, work, and gender in the global south. She is currently working on a project exploring Indian women’s experiences of working in the digital economy. She has also been working closely with civil society organisations and gig workers’ unions to advocate for better labour protections and working standards. Her past work examines the impact of digital labour platforms in emerging economies and involved extensive fieldwork in India, South Africa, and Myanmar. She holds a MA in Digital Culture and Society from King's College London and a BA (Hons) in English from St. Stephen's College, DU.