We are hiring!

We are looking for researchers to join our Future of Work and AI & Society teams - Apply by 30 November

Tandem Research invites applications for research positions within its Technology & Society team.

About Tandem Research

Tandem Research is an interdisciplinary research collective that generates policy insights at the interface of technology, society, and sustainability. We believe that evidence-based policy, supported by broad-based public engagement, must steer technology and sustainability trajectories in India. Tandem Research was established in 2016 and has its office in Aldona, Goa.

Our Technology and Society program aims to build a better understanding of the societal implications of the technology transitions underway in India. How are technology gains distributed? What are the interests, assumptions, and values driving the adoption of new technologies? What new frameworks are needed to ensure equitable and sustainable outcomes? What are the knowledge and policy needs for India? How can we build inclusive and participatory forms of governance?

We are looking for curious, hardworking, and highly motivated researchers, committed to producing high quality social science research. We are a young and rapidly growing organisation, and are looking for people who are eager to be part of this journey; who are eager to learn, work in a team, and who believe in our vision of fostering new spaces and approaches to public policy research and engagement.

We have two Research Fellow / Associate positions open in our AI & Society and Future of Work programs.

Our Future of Work program examines the impact of emerging digital technologies on labor markets in India, with a particular focus on changing employment conditions, worker rights and agency, and social protection. Candidates will be expected to work on projects related to the gig economy in India and other developing economies.


  • Strong interest and basic understanding of issues related to technology and changing labor markets in India
  • Masters degree in Development/Labor Economics / Public Policy
  • Excellent writing and communication skills; Good Quantitative Skills
  • Demonstrable understanding of social science research methods
  • Demonstrable capacity for high quality, independent work
  • Eagerness to contribute to a team, and happy to take on some administrative responsibilities as well
  • Preference will be given to candidates with previous work experience in research / law / public policy.

Our AI and Society program seeks to understand the ways in which applications of artificial intelligence are changing our society. What are the likely opportunities, challenges and risks? How are social relationships and systems of knowledge being recast? What kinds of governance systems are needed to develop safe, inclusive and ethical AI?


  • Strong interest and knowledge of issues pertaining to data and society / critical data studies / data governance
  • Good understanding of the basic applications, challenges, and debates around artificial intelligence
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Demonstrable understanding of understanding of social science research methods
  • Masters Degree in Political Science / Public Policy / International Relations / Law or related discipline
  • Preference will be given to candidates with previous work experience in research / law / public policy.
  • Demonstrable capacity for high quality, independent work.
  • Eagerness to contribute to a team, and happy to take on some administrative responsibilities as well

At Tandem, we strive high and demand and expect a lot from each other. We are also deeply committed to creating a warm and nurturing work place that is non-hierarchical and values fairness and equity above all else.


Salary is competitive and considerate with qualifications and experience.

Application Process

Interested applications may send the following information by November 30 2019 to hello@tandemresearch.org

  • Curriculum Vitae, including contact details of two / three references
  • One Academic Writing sample
  • A brief (1 page) statement of interest - what interests you about the role and how your background would enable you to contributes

Short listed candidates will be called for an interview, held in either Delhi or Goa. Other arrangements might be possible upon request.