Future of Work & Learning

Emerging technologies associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution are disrupting traditional models of work and learning. Global narratives on these disruptions need to be localized - socio-economic norms and practices will shape technology trajectories and their impact. What impact will emerging technologies have on the future of Work in India? How do learning paradigms need to evolve?

AI & Society

Machine learning and AI are profoundly transforming our world. What will be the likely trajectories and impact in India? What kind of knowledge and policy is needed to align AI trajectories with societal goals; to develop safe, inclusive, and ethical AI? What risks does AI pose and how can these be managed?

Future Cities

Cities are fundamentally about people and their interactions. What kind of interactions do we want, and how do we facilitate them? Cities need to be co-created through processes of iterative and participatory goal formulation and delivery.

Human Choice & Climate Change

Action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build societal resilience to immutable impacts of climate change has never been more urgent. Climate action has been ineffective because its overwhelmingly framed as a technical issue which requires technological solutions. It is in fact a thoroughly social issue. Climate change is a problem of collective societal action. Choices made by individuals, families, communities and firms will shape our climate futures.

Sustainable Goa

Growing tourism, a new coal port, unplanned and unregulated construction, and mining are some of the factors stressing Goa’s natural resource pool and environment. Working with local partners, we seek to find pathways of change and policy frameworks to enable a sustainable Goa. What types of policy intervention and public engagement are needed to for a sustainable Goa?