Goa is at a crossroads. Growing tourism and a new airport being built in support; a coal port in Vasco that has met with heavy protest from citizens; land conversion for infrastructure development and private sector projects; and the threat of environmental degradation. How Goa manages this period of transition will be critical for Goa’s future. Our Sustainability Transitions programs seeks to understand the socio-political beliefs and structures that shape how sustainability challenges and battles are negotiated. Working with local partners, we seek to find pathways of change and policy frameworks to enable a sustainable Goa.


Aug 4, 2017

Water Governance in Goa

Vikrom Mathur

Goa faces numerous water challenges. We conducted a policy lab to identify and understand ‘pathways of change’ for influencing water policies in Goa. In particular, we looked at issues of water sharing; allocation politics; decentralization; and resilience. ...

Jun 7, 2017

How to Share a River

Vikrom Mathur

Our second Water Policy Lab aims to understand the possible pathways to improve arrangements for sharing rivers in Goa and beyond, by supporting deliberative multi-stakeholder processes. Issues discussed included: Politics and practices of federal river sharing, de-centralization, innovation, and grassroot action. ...