Mar 27, 2019

A Tale of Three Cities: Delhi, Agra, Panjim

Exploring the human face of climate change - Stories of climate resilience from Agra, Delhi, and Panjim


Future Cities


Vikrom Mathur

Vikrom believes that interdisciplinary research on cultural attitudes towards nature and technology need to inform contemporary debates on societal futures. His research interests include the governance of emerging technologies, social and cultural dimensions of technological transitions, cultural perceptions of environmental risk, dynamics between science and policy, and Cultural Theory. He is currently setting up India’s first Urban Living Lab in Panjim as a platform to design, test and fine-tune socio-technical innovation in local urban spaces. He has a PhD from the Institute of Science, Society, and Innovation at the University of Oxford.

Pulkit Mogha

Pulkit Mogha is a former Research Associate with Tandem Research