Human Face of Climate Resilience: An Agenda for Policy and Action

What kinds of policies are needed to build resilience to climate variablity in informal settlements in India?


Future Cities


Vikrom Mathur

Vikrom is an anthropologist of science and technology. His diverse research interests include the governance of emerging technologies, social and cultural dimensions of technological transitions, political and social contingencies on the production of scientific knowledge about Nature, cultural perceptions of environmental risk, dynamics between science and policy, and Cultural Theory. He has a PhD from the Institute of Science, Society, and Innovation at the University of Oxford. Vikrom is a Senior Fellow of the Observer Research Foundation & Associate Fellow of the Stockholm Environment Institute.

Natalia Sanchez Kumar

Natalia Sanchez is a Research Associate at Tandem Research. She is a social media and technology enthusiast with experience at the interface of web development, research, and graphic design. She completed a Liberal Arts and Computer Science program in Paris, France, and is finishing her Bachelor's degree in History at New York University in 2019. Her current work focuses on social Media and mental Illness among youth in India.